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QUESTIONS( for those who can not reach me on-line) [6.2.2014]

CONGRATS! [12.9.2012]






Striking similarity! [22.9.2011]

Even at the age of 1 week it is pretty obvious who the kid took after!

Health,safety,wellfare. [20.9.2011]

Let's talk about health and safety of our dogs.Share your knowledge and experience.

What is your first aid kit? What are your actions in exreme situations?

Motya,you deserve someone better than me! [24.8.2011]

Mixed Blessing,Motya!

You deserve someone better than me!

You need someone who will polish you,my diamond!

This girl is smart,loving,active,brave,has an exiting pedigree and will grow up to be a real beauty!

I can take a very good care of her,groom her anf bring her to championships!

But that is all! I do not have the time for more!

She is so eager to learn! And picks up everything so easily and so fast!

She really needs a person who likes and understand terriers,who will go into adjility.or tracking.or freestyle,and more!

Who is a show-fanatic and does not mind to have a litter from this girl in the future!

Am I a dreamer?

Waiting for such person to show up by mid-September!

If my dream does not come true,I will keep saying SORRY MOTYA all my life for not being able to make your life full!

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